Jacobson's Alumni Association

Madeline and Steve Flaster celebrated their 50th anniversary just last month. They came to East Lansing as newlyweds from New York City in the fall of 1966. The plan was for Steve to do his graduate work in Marketing at MSU and then for the two of them to strike out for other places. Steve recalls that back then, you couldn't take a respectable young lady out of town without marrying her. So they got married...the marriage stuck and so has the place of residence.

"We didn't plan to spend our life here, but that is how it worked out and with few regrets." Madeline and Steve raised their four sons here, who have now struck out for the west coast and started their own lives. "The one problem with this area, besides the winters, is that it has not always been conducive to grown children staying here and building their own careers...thus families get separated and that isn't easy to work through."  "But we all do the best we can." 

Madeline and Steve met as undergraduate students in the retailing program at the Baruch College of Business in New York City.  After graduating and when they left for East Lansing, Steve had been on the executive training squad of Bloomingdale's and Madeline of Abraham & Straus, which was then also a major department store in the New York area. Throughout their lives to date, each has had a rich professional life that has combined, teaching, business, consulting, and public service. 

Steve owned Greens Apparel, and after it closed had wonderful years at Jacobson's. Madeline and Steve currently own and operate a business named Jacobson's Alumni Association (JAA), and Steve teaches in the MSU Advertising Department.  After Jacobson's closed, JAA was started to "take care of" Steve's “personal customers". It continues to add new friends and customers, and has conducted more than 100 fundraising fashion events since it started 13 years ago.

The Flasters believe they have found a soulmate in Joyce Stoughton-Kim. Like the Flasters, Joyce believes in paying forward.  As someone who loves to dance and teach ballroom dancing, she has engaged in extensive outreach to inner city school children. She will continue to do so with her new 5000sq. ft. dance studio which will open in late August. "We plan to combine our fashion events with Joyce's outreach and donate a portion of sales to her exciting, worthy projects to help young people ‘keep in step’." Our first collaboration will be a "Designer Driveway Sale" in Joyce's home driveway on Wednesday, July 13th.

To Madeline and Steve, the past fifty years seem to have passed like a breeze....and they are not planning on going anywhere except for personal travel and to visit their family in other states.